Environmental policy

Adherence to all applicable laws and standards which pertain to the protection of the earth’s environment.

Use of appropriate resources that reduce overall energy consumption and waste, applying those measures that minimize the environmental impact of the company's activities.

New product design allowing production to be with the minimum of labour risk and reduced environmental contamination. At the end of the product's life, we guarantee its elimination and any residual materials will nearly all be recyclable.

Communication to the government, company personnel and the community regarding all the risks that the products and installations can cause to health, labour safety and environment, as well as the protective measures adopted.

Consider the possibility to participate in voluntary public or private initiatives relating to workplace safety, environmental conservation and employee health.

Environmental information to users of our products regarding product use, maintenance and handling, and also end-of-life disposal.

On-going evaluation of all the effects that our products, manufacturing procedures and waste might have on the health, labour safety and environment.

On-going interaction with our suppliers and sub-contractors to improve their procedures in relation to the environmental conservation.

Appropriate training and information to all company employees so to develop and implement proper environmental practices

All Senior Managers assume the commitments expressed in these principles and shall provide the necessary resources for their accomplishment.